Pitch sessions and contests

I took a writing boot camp through Writer’s Digest University last week which focused on writing your query letter and first submission materials. I am waiting now for my critique from my agent, and I am both excited and nervous to hear what she says!

In the mean time, I participated in my first pitch session on a blog. At first, the agent was commenting to everyone who added a pitch, very nice! But then the number of pitches got so high, she no longer is going to be commenting unless she feels she needs to or to request pages. So, unfortunately I believe I was passed, although I am not shocked. I think my story is not quite right for her since she mentioned liking contemporary fantasy better, and mine is set in a time like turn of the 20th century.

But I feel motivated to go though my manuscript and cut more words, and research the best agents to submit to that rep my genre. And I will be looking into more pitch sessions and contests to build my confidence.

After I get my critique from the boot camp, it will help me know what to change. I will share about that here!


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