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Birthdays and More Birthdays

On a personal note, the time of year following New Year’s Day is full of birthdays in this house. Husband born in Jan, oldest son in Feb, and youngest son in March! (Mine is in Oct. We’re a Fall/Winter birthday house!) We also have relatives around the wolrd with birthdays during these months.

We had a Minecraft themed party for my older son recently. We did a lot of DIY and had it at home! The kids loved it. Who knew you could do so much with square paper plates, crepe paper, balloons and empty boxes? Thank you, Pinterest!

I’d highly recommend “punch” piñatas. I hate the scrambling and grabbing and fighting that goes on after a piñata is hit open. With a punch piñata, everyone gets the satisfaction of punching through tissue paper to find a little prize or candy inside. My son said it was his favorite part! Even toddlers can do it, too. The boxes Were 6″ x 6″ and only 48 cents each! There are some pictures below from the decor. The boxy tree is the punch piñata, each square ready for punching through, which was a big hit! 


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