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Women’s History Month

March has been women’s history month, and I decided to post a couple pictures of books on Instagram featuring women authors, especially the old school, now classic, writers.  They wrote in a time that was much harder for women to be recognized as skilled in writing. Their stories weren’t considered very important. We have pieces… Continue reading Women’s History Month

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Writing and Wallflowers

  It’s almost Spring, but our trees have already decided to bloom already. What a great opportunity to match the pretty book cover to the trees! I recently contributed a short story to my friend’s website, my first real attempt at short story! It’s titled “An Outsider,” a fictionalized personal experience from high school. You… Continue reading Writing and Wallflowers

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Visually inspired

It might be obvious from my previous posts that I’m someone who likes visual inspiration. I also like to create bookish pictures, too. I started an Instagram account for the bookish/travel/coffee aspects of my life. I have found so many amazing accounts to follow! Here are some of my own pictures I’ve put on IG.… Continue reading Visually inspired