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Prone to Pin

I think a lot of web savvy people know what Pinterest is already, but if you don’t know, think of it as an online cork board where you can “pin” ideas. You’ll find everything there. And unlike a cork board where you run out of room, you can pin thousands of things! Don’t get too crazy though or your followers might groan that every new pin they see is from you and you alone. (ha)

My top Pinterest boards

A lot of us have also heard of “Pinterest envy and discouragement”, such as:

“OMG how does she find time for all these DIYs?”

“Her style picks are so much better than mine! I’m a loser!”

“No she did not just pin thirty make at home milkshake recipes when she said she started her diet!”

—-No, don’t do those things or think those things. And when you don’t want anyone all up in your business, you can make a secret board. Those are also handy for “writing inspiration” boards you don’t want out in the open yet as you work on your ideas.

Rule your own Pinterest, don’t let it rule you. Use it for true inspiration and for fun.

Here’s a glimpse into my Pinterest boards:

more rows of my boards
From my writing inspiration board
India style
All things Indian on this board

You can see more of my pins here:

Are you prone to pin, too?



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