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Spring Reading

I can mark one book off my Spring TBR list:

The War That Saved My Life

At first I loved it, despite the wicked mother’s treatment of the main character Ada. Ada was born with a club foot, and her mother treats her like trash. Britain is about to enter World War 2, and then London’s children are evacuated out of the city. You may already be familiar with that part of history. Let’s not forget, that is how The Pevensies ended up in the countryside in a huge house, and then went to Narnia through the wardrobe!

But at the halfway point I felt a little unsure. I was losing my love for it.

Then I got into it again. So I read, read, and read. I reached the ending, and was a little disappointed. So much happens in a short time, and it all seems too coincidental for me. I still gave it 4/5 stars since I love historical fiction, and this dealt with a subject some children should learn about-disability and how NOT to treat the disabled.

I picked up another Spring TBR from the library yesterday and started it last night.


I am up to chapter two. It took me a long time to read chaper one. But that doesn’t mean I disliked it. Maybe the chapters are just really wordy. So far I like it, and definitely want to know what happens next. I like the fairtytale-esque writing style. But this is adult fiction. I read it’s probably adult due to the length and all the details.

I’m not a fan of the “Dragon” as a person right now, and am trying not to let reviews I’ve read influence me. I will share more about it when I’m done reading.

You can revisit my Spring TBR Reading list here.


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