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Art that inspires stories


This artist is new to me, but his work is old. I love the vibe, the colors, and the scenes. The above art reminds me of some of the story I’ve been writing.

“The artist Pavel Šimon (Prague, 16. 6. 1920 – 26. 6. 1958) was educated at the Academy of Fine-Arts in Prague.
He graduated in 1946. He was a pupil of professor Pukl and a son of the renowned painter Tavík František Šimon and his wife Vilma Kracikova. Pavel Šimon grew up in the villa-quarter of Bubenec, in the villa Na Zatorce 483 (later called V Tisine 10) in Prague. He was the youngest of 4 children.
Pavel Šimon is well-known for his book-illustrations and ex-libris, but he was a painter too.”


My favorites are definitely the starry sky, and the two book related works. My mother is half Czech, so it’s always intriguing to learn more about famous Czech people.

Do these scenes inspire you?


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