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Currently Reading + TBR Progress

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making – a delightfully wordy title.

On a family trip during spring break, I bought this book at the local Barnes and Noble. I love buying some ordinary things as souvenirs—ordinary in the sense that I could buy this in my own city too. But knowing I bought it while away attaches extra significance and memories to it.  There is nothing ordinary about this story so far. It immediately swept me up and away into a fairyland world and I look forward to continuing it.

The above story was not in my Spring To Be Read list. Ahem. See, I said this would happen. I couldn’t resist starting the above book. How could you ignore a book with a cover like that?


As for the progress of my Spring reading, here it is, a check mark on the books I’ve finished.


I will share a review of Uprooted here soon. I LOVED the writing style and certain aspects of that story.

I’ll be off now, working on my reading and writing!


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