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Wuthering Heights : Book Review


I participated in BabblingBooks Book Club  this month, and we read Wuthering Heights. It was my first time reading this classic. It’s good to push yourself sometimes to read out of your comfort zone.

I wasn’t sure what I’d think, and I haven’t even watched a movie version before. Before you think I must be out of touch with classics, I’ve seen two different Jane Eyre adaptations and a million Jane Austen miniseries and movies. But the truth is, I haven’t read much of the actual books. I tried when I was younger. Maybe now in my 30’s, I’d handle the old style language better.

My Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5 stars)

I felt very torn on this review. I wanted to rate high for how epic it is, how the tale sweeps you along somehow. I wanted to rate low for hating so many of the characters, especially Heathcliff as an adult. Catherine (Sr.) is horrible. Her brother Hindley is horrible.

This might turn into a ramble.

If I think of this story translated to modern times, it would be a completely depressing story filled with people in court before judges. Heathcliff, Hindley and probably others would be in jail.

I assumed Heathcliff was a brooding hero to sympathize with before reading this. Now, I realize he was made to be someone so full of bitterness that he becomes a vile, hateful person.

His obsession with Catherine…his abysmal treatment of his innocent wife…his abysmal treatment and kidnapping of the other innocent young Catherine…how could he be praised? He was an abusive person, literally. He and Hindley abuse their own sons and care nothing about the effects.

I did like Ellen “Nelly” Dean the housekeeper/nanny and the narrator for most of the story. She had more sense than any of them, in my opinion. I like who Hareton finally becomes since his life was horrible before he was given a chance at learning. I was glad for him at the end. Mr. Lockwood seemed normal too but we hardly learn about him. Edgar turned into a loving father, but he was foolish to fall for Catherine in the first place. Poor Isabella too.

I am glad I read it so that I can say that I have, and know what it’s truly about. It was an epic tale, definitely. I know there is a lot of indepth study on this story and symbolism. For now these are my feelings after reading this.

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