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Two Good Decisions

Last week I made two decisions, and I feel good about them!

1. I joined Weight Watchers online.

I know, that’s not writing or book related, but it’s life related. A friend wanted to try it, and I decided to try it too so we could have non-judgemental accountability! I was nervous! I have a lot of weight to “watch” and I need to get healthy. But knowing you’re signing up to commit to something, tracking your food all the time, can be intimidating. I had never done Weight Watchers before. I have tracked food with different methods in the past, but I’ve lacked the dedication for years.

So far it’s going well! I get to eat a lot still, and there are extra “points” you can use for treats. That came in handy since my youngest son turned four on Saturday and we had a pizza party and cake. I already peeked at the scale and it seems to be moving down. That motivates me to keep going!

2. I joined InkedVoices to be a part of a dedicated Middle Grade writers critique group.

Sometimes things just work out well. I’d been thinking about, wishing for, and praying for a consistent group of critique partners who write in middle grade(stories for ages 8-12 usually). I’ve had, and still have, some wonderful CPs but I needed a group with deadlines and more scheduled interaction. So I saw a post on Facebook, in the Sub it Club Critique Partner Matchup private group, asking if anyone was interested in a dedicated middle grade writers group. I hesitated because, like signing up for Weight Watchers, it would be a commitment. I’d have to hold myself to a standard. I’d have to focus more. But I decided to send a message to the planner of this group to share my interest. She said we’d make a good match after looking at my website. And I really like her personality too.


This group will force me to write more consistently and finish my next story. Every two weeks, we’ll submit up to 3,000 words for critique from the other group members.  Right now there are three of us, but the group facilitator is trying to find one more, at least. If you’re reading this and actively write MG, and need a scheduled critique group, let me know! I can pass the information along.

I feel really happy that I’ve made these two decisions last week! One for my future health and one for my aspirations.



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