My Writing

I am often drawn to fairytales, humor and historical fiction.

My favorite genre is Middle Grade fantasy. But I read all sorts of books.

I also love a funny or quirky contemporary children’s story.

I like having my mind blown or transported to a far away place.

You can find my dabbles in YA flash fiction at

The Star Gaurdian – fantasy about a girl releasing trapped stars back into the sky

An Outsider – a fictionalized version of my real life experience starting school a week later than everyone else at a new school.

Multilayered – A snapshot of a day in the life of a studying teen in India

You can also find my writing in the magazine The Faithful Creative, Issue 1: A magazine for believers balancing life, creativity and faith.

My Completed Manuscript:


Middle Grade(ages 8-12) adventure fantasy, historical twist. This is a standalone, but I want to bring the characters on more adventures in future books. 

Twelve-year-old Ella Whitestone lives a frontier-style life and wishes for two things: the end of the stubborn wintry weather, and the truth about her Uncle Charles’ illness that took him when she was a toddler. One day, a simple chore sends Ella into the hills, speckled birds attack her, and her rescue comes in the form of an elegant, mysterious woman named Celestia. Celestia warns Ella that a cunning family has captured her father and will only release him in exchange for her locket. Ella learns that her locket necklace isn’t just any old heirloom. It contains a hidden, cosmic wish-granting code, etched inside. Ella’s in further disbelief when she learns Celestia is a space traveler from another planet, where the code originated, and Uncle Charles is actually alive and being held captive in faraway Piyali.

Celestia reveals a link between Ella’s family, the code, and the begrudged Galdeen family who are holding Ella’s father. Only Uncle Charles can use the wish-granting code, and if Ella wants to save her father, she must make the arduous journey to her uncle so he can use the code before their foes get it. If she doesn’t reach her uncle before the Galdeens do, her entire family could be vulnerable to their vengeful whims, like the kidnapping and chaos they wrought on Uncle Charles’ family when Ella was a toddler.

Complete at 57,000 words, FROM PEAKSBURY TO PIYALI is a middle grade fantasy adventure with elements of sci-fi in a historical, alternate Earth called Erden.

If young Laura Ingalls got mixed up with A Wrinkle in Time, I imagined it’d be something like FROM PEAKSBURY TO PIYALI. 

-Concept art done by my supportive and talented mother-


& more ideas are tucked away in my brain, written in notebooks and saved in documents…so many words, such little time.